Saturday, March 26, 2016

VGD Portfolio

The KLCI closed at 1703.79 on Friday 25 March 2016

With RM30,000, I have started a new portfolio based on the closing prices on Friday 25 March 2016. The stocks are picked for their value, growth and dividends. Hence the name. The time limit set for this portfolio is 31.12. 2018. The stocks chosen are as follows:

CBIP 1000 at RM2.28: RM2,280
ECS (CD 3 sen) 1000 at RM1.75 =  RM1,750
FLBHD 2000 at RM2.14 = RM4,280
Gadang 1000 at RM1.91 = 1,910
Kim Hin (CD 3 sen) 1000 at RM2.01= RM2,010
Magni (CD 5 sen) 1000 at RM4.40 = RM4,400
Sam 1000 at RM6.63 = RM6,630
TGuan LA 1000 at RM2.90 = RM2,900
Uchitech 2000 at RM1.66 = 3,320

Total = RM29,480
Cash balance = RM520.

The stocks are picked to compete with the KLCI. Let’s see how it (the portfolio ) goes from time to time. 

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