Monday, May 14, 2012

China-based companies at Bursa are dirt cheap?

KStar (5172) 24 sen; PE 2.27
Maxwell (5189) 41.5 sen; PE 2.38
MSports (5150) 38.5 sen; PE 2.47
Sozo (5187) 54 sen; PE 2.24
XDL (5156) 24.5 sen; PE 2.01
Xinquan (5155) 87.5 sen; PE 2.27

The above stocks are all China-based, and they are all being traded at PE of under three. The Chinese should find out why their stocks are being so lowly rated not only at Bursa but in Singapore and America as well. 

Investors do not like stocks that do not pay any dividend. They think that a stock that does not pay any dividend is not worthwhile to invest in. They are doubtful about their accounts and the integrity of the management. So, no matter how good a report is in the media, investors take no notice of it because their mentality is that China-based companies cannot be trusted.

A stock is traded at low PE for many reasons. Never invest in a stock just because its PE is low.

Friday, May 11, 2012

IQ not as important as EQ, MQ & BQ

Intelligence Is Overrated: What You Really Need to Succeed

Albert Einstein’s was estimated at 160, Madonna’s is 140, and John F. Kennedy’s was only 119, but as it turns out, your IQ score pales in comparison with your EQ, MQ, and BQ scores when it comes to predicting your success and professional achievement.
IQ tests are used as an indicator of logical reasoning ability and technical intelligence. A high IQ is often a prerequisite for rising to the top ranks of business today. It is necessary, but it is not adequate to predict executive competence and corporate success. By itself, a high IQ does not guarantee that you will stand out and rise above everyone else.
Research carried out by the Carnegie Institute of Technology shows that 85 percent of your financial success is due to skills in “human engineering,” your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead. Shockingly, only 15 percent is due to technical knowledge. Additionally, Nobel Prize winning Israeli-American psychologist, Daniel Kahneman, found that people would rather do business with a person they like and trust rather than someone they don’t, even if the likeable person is offering a lower quality product or service at a higher price.
With this in mind, instead of exclusively focusing on your conventional intelligence quotient, you should make an investment in strengthening your EQ (Emotional Intelligence), MQ (Moral Intelligence), and BQ (Body Intelligence). These concepts may be elusive and difficult to measure, but their significance is far greater than IQ.
Emotional Intelligence
EQ is the most well known of the three, and in brief it is about: being aware of your own feelings and those of others, regulating these feelings in yourself and others, using emotions that are appropriate to the situation, self-motivation,  and building relationships.
Top Tip for Improvement: First, become aware of your inner dialogue. It helps to keep a journal of what thoughts fill your mind during the day. Stress can be a huge killer of emotional intelligence, so you also need to develop healthy coping techniques that can effectively and quickly reduce stress in a volatile situation.
Moral Intelligence
MQ directly follows EQ as it deals with your integrity, responsibility, sympathy, and forgiveness. The way you treat yourself is the way other people will treat you. Keeping commitments, maintaining your integrity, and being honest are crucial to moral intelligence.
Top Tip for Improvement: Make fewer excuses and take responsibility for your actions. Avoid little white lies. Show sympathy and communicate respect to others. Practice acceptance and show tolerance of other people’s shortcomings. Forgiveness is not just about how we relate to others; it’s also how you relate to and feel about yourself.
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Body Intelligence
Lastly, there is your BQ, or body intelligence, which reflects what you know about your body, how you feel about it, and take care of it. Your body is constantly telling you things; are you listening to the signals or ignoring them? Are you eating energy-giving or energy-draining foods on a daily basis? Are you getting enough rest? Do you exercise and take care of your body? It may seem like these matters are unrelated to business performance, but your body intelligence absolutely affects your work because it largely determines your feelings, thoughts, self-confidence, state of mind, and energy level.
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Top Tip For Improvement: At least once a day, listen to the messages your body is sending you about your health. Actively monitor these signals instead of going on autopilot. Good nutrition, regular exercise, and adequate rest are all key aspects of having a high BQ. Monitoring your weight, practicing moderation with alcohol, and making sure you have down time can dramatically benefit the functioning of your brain and the way you perform at work.
What You Really Need To Succeed
It doesn’t matter if you did not receive the best academic training from a top university. A person with less education who has fully developed their EQ, MQ, and BQ can be far more successful than a person with an impressive education who falls short in these other categories.
Yes, it is certainly good to be an intelligent, rational thinker and have a high IQ; this is an important asset. But you must realize that it is not enough. Your IQ will help you personally, but EQ, MQ, and BQ will benefit everyone around you as well. If you can master the complexities of these unique and often under-rated forms of intelligence, research tells us you will achieve greater success and be regarded as more professionally competent and capable.

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Century Logistics eyes regional tie-up with PepsiCo

Century Logistics eyes regional tie-up with PepsiCo 2012/05/05 For a start, PepsiCo, the food division of Pepsi-Cola (Thai) Trading Co Ltd, had invited Century Logistics to be a strategic partner in the latter's supply chain management in Thailand. AYUTTHAYA: Century Logistics Holdings Bhd is eyeing more cooperation with world's largest snack food company PepsiCo in the Asia-Pacific region, after successfully leasing its warehouse facility in Thailand to the latter. Its deputy managing director Dr Mohamed Amin Kassim said for a start, PepsiCo, the food division of Pepsi-Cola (Thai) Trading Co Ltd, had invited Century Logistics to be a strategic partner in the latter's supply chain management in Thailand. It all began when its wholly-owned subsidiary, Century Resources (Thailand) Ltd, in September last year secured a RM7.6 million contract from PepsiCo for the use of the former's state-of-the-art warehouse facility at the Rojana Industrial Park here. The contract was for two years initially, during which PepsiCo would use the warehouse as its main distribution centre country-wide. "Our company did not merely lease the warehouse to PepsiCo, but also help it solve its supply chain management, prompting it to invite us to be its strategic partner in strategic planning for supply chain management in the Thailand market," Mohamed Amin said. He said the actual physical supply chain would be provided by existing local players as Century Resources would be involved only in strategic planning. "For example, if they (PepsiCo) have problems to hit certain target areas, we will draw a plan and solution for them," he said. PepsiCo has already asked Century Resources to build another warehouse as it wants to expand its distribution centre in the country, and the subsidiary company is studying the matter. Century Resources established its presence in Thailand in 2005, with the inception of a third-party logistics contract from Nestle. In 2009, it invested a RM3.5 million in its own warehousing facility here, in line with its regional growth strategy. Mohamed Amin said since Thailand was PepsiCo's distribution centre for Asia Pacific, Century Resources was eyeing to be its partner in strategic planning for its supply chain management for the region. Century Logistics is Malaysia's leading provider of value-added supply chain solutions and total logistics services. Besides Malaysia and Thailand, the company also operates in China, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka and Dubai, he said. Bernama