Sunday, February 21, 2016

MMSV Current Year Prospects

MMSV current year prospect extracted from Bursa Announcement:
Despite the soft demand experienced from the smart devices sector in the past few months, the Directors foresee ample rooms for expansion in the Group’s market shares for other LED related industry especially the 
automotive sector. Besides, talks about smart devices’ manufacturers coming out with new products for their end consumers are expected to materialise. 

MMSV FYE 31.12.15; Shares Issued 163 ml at 10 sen each.

Essential statistics and metrics as at 31.9.2015:

3Q result EPS 1.33 Vs 2.88 senPYCQ) poor showing
Non-current assets: RM9.698
Current assets: RM34.219 ml
Total equity: RM35.050
Total non-current liabilities: RM8.391 ml
Current ratio: 4.078
Cash & near cash: RM18.460
Total liabilities: RM8.867 ml
Bank borrowings: zero

High cash position, high current ratio, and no borrowings show that this stock is fundamentally sound and solid.

Since its 3rd quarterly report on 24.11.15, there were company buy-backs & insiders buying in the stocks as well. (For details, check Bursa Announcement)

The company will announce 4Q result within the next few days. I believe
the result will be a better than that of the 3rd Qtr.

Strong US$ is good for the stock.

Chart shows a weak uptrend with little volume traded. Resistance is likely to be at 58.5 sen and 61.5 sen. If 61.5 sen is decisively breached, the stock is likely to trend higher. 

Our world is moving towards automation and LED lightings which are the core businesses of the company. Please do your own research, and buy at your own risk. 

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