Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bullet Train- Speed is Money

Speed is money. Forget about the tortoise that beats the hare. That's only a fable.

Speed is money. Japan knows it. China knows it. You know it and I know it. China is working overtime to complete its bullet train by 2012. A bullet train can travel up to a speed of not less than 1300 km per hour.

There is a Chinese saying that if you get close to cinnabar (zhusha) you turn vermilion; if you are close to ink, you become black. This simply means that if you want to be successful, you should associate with successful people, and if you want to be rich, get close to rich people.

Singapore, our wealthy & prosperous neighbor is presently the fastest growing country in the world. Since we are close to it, how is that we are so far behind it. And despite our country having abundance of land, rubber estates, oil palm plantations, tin mines, clean water, sand, etc., we are nowhere near Singapore as far as prosperity is concerned.

Why is this so? I guess you already have the answer. It's corruption!

The YTL group once proposed to our government to built a bullet train that can travel straight to Singapore. Unfortunately, this was turned down. Stupid! Isn't it?

Imagine what would happen to the price of our land if we could travel from KL to Singapore in an hour.

The financial crises of 2008 in America did much damage to Singapore. That was alarming. Singapore quickly made changes, and in a short time it has become prosperous again.

Since we are close to Singapore, the spillover effect of Singapore's wealth can be huge if only we know how to make use of the situation.

The Iskandar region is actually in an envious location. If a bullet train that goes from Malaya to Singapore is in place, the value of our land, especially those in the Inskandar region, will multiply many folds.

We talk of increasing our wealth and our income. If we don't quickly make changes that are intelligent, these talks will merely remain in our dreams for years to come.

Malaysia boleh! Please buck up.