Thursday, February 02, 2012

Myths or Truths

The more frequent you trade, the faster you are heading toward your financial ruins.

Odds are in favor that the shares you sell do better than the shares you buy. So be extra careful when you make changes in your portfolio.

Knowing how to manage risk will go a long way to mitigate your losses.

Having only stocks with strong balance sheets, good growth and good dividend yields in your portfolio will go a long way to ensure that your risk is kept to the minimum.

If you overpay even for a great stock, it will be a long time before you see your money back. Best to insist on value when you buy.

Patience is a must. Take no action when you don't have a good reason to buy or sell.

Approach the market with humility if you don't want to be humbled by it.

The market is bigger and stronger than you. Follow it rather than try to lead it.

Avoid the herd instinct. Safety in numbers is not applicable in the stock market.

Short-term gains will not make you rich.