Monday, March 05, 2012

From Waste to Wealth

From waste to wealth or from trash to cash, both are as good as having the best of two worlds.

Oil palm biomass ( OPB) is formerly burned if not left to rot. This is bad for the environment. Thanks to innovation and technology, OPB has become a valuable asset to the oil palm plantations. No longer is it a concern or something that has to be disposed off with much expenditure.

Nowadays, the product is much sought after as it is capable of being turned into animal feeds, fertilizer, wood products, biofuel, ethanol, biochemical and many other useful goods.

Malaysian oil palm plantations now have zero burning. Everything about the oil palm trees is useful in more ways than one.

Oil palm stocks have been on the rise since the plantation index minor bottom of 6625 formed on 3.10.11. At the time of writing this post, it stands at 8676. The uptrend is likely to continue.