Sunday, January 06, 2013

Adventa HitsThe Limelight

Adventa is no longer in the glove business. It is now focusing in healthcare industry which it says is more profitable and predictable. The stock was up 19.5 sen after it went ex-dividend (XD) of RM1.70 per share. Prior to XD, the stock was last traded at 1.93. After XD, it closed at 42.5 sen on very heavy turnover. Bursa has queried the company on its sudden price-surge. If it gives a good and positive answer, the stock is likely to move up further. Interest in the stock is likely to be ongoing for a while. I like this stock because the company is in good hands with excellent principles.
Below is an extract from its website.

Company Principles

ADVENTA operates in many regions around the world, in varying political and social environments, with people of different races and cultures. The Group adheres to the following 6 organizational principles in its dealings with its customers, suppliers, shareholders, and partners:
1. Integrity
2. Corporate Responsibility
3. Quality and Value
4. Focus
5. Non-political Involvement
6. Environmental Care

ADVENTA maintains integrity in all dealings and trade, working to achieve excellence through honesty and responsibility, and without compromising on its duty of care. Undue and illegitimate practices are not tolerated.

Corporate Responsibility
ADVENTA operates with a clear open policy when dealing with its shareholders and the authorities, making proper and timely disclosures of any and all material factors it faces. ADVENTA is to uphold and maintain the trust of its customers and shareholders.

Quality and Values
ADVENTA strives for quality in all it does, giving customers the value they expect and deserve. ADVENTA endeavors to meet customer requirements and exceed expectations with the products it manufactures and sells.

The Group maintains a clear and defined focus on its objectives and targets. ADVENTA is set to be a multi layered and multi-product group producing and distributing products used in the healthcare industry.

Non-political Involvements
ADVENTA operates for commercial enterprise and to create value and returns for its shareholders. The Group is determined to operate within the legitimate laws and regulations set down by the democratically elected governments and do not involve themselves in any political, philosophical activity or movement of any particular group, country, or region.

Environmental & Social Cares
ADVENTA operates within accepted social and environmental requirements. Its responsibility to society and social wellbeing is a priority in all its commercial decisions. ADVENTA works to achieve a cleaner and healthier environment for all employees and the societies it operates in, and uses its knowledge and ability to contribute back to its environment. The lives, careers and the rights of its employees are respected and enhanced in recognition of their loyalty and dedication in the organization.