Monday, July 28, 2014

Be Prepared Or Prepare To Lose

The stock market is a battlefield.
It's a good place to look for good yields.
But unless you know how to play
You may not be able to make it pay.

Do not over estimate your own ability.
If you are not careful, you will soon realize your folly.
Many venture in like a dragon, but come out like a worm
Shattered with debts, losses and a lost home. 

Think well before you trade. 
Don't trade before you think. 
Know there is much to learn.
Don't simply trade and get your fingers burned.

The aim in life is to live happily and die happily.
In the stock market, learn to win comfortably and confidently.
Once you have learned about trends,
You are better off than many of your friends. 

Selling your winners and keeping your losers,
Are blunders to avoid.
Selling in an uptrend and buying in a downtrend
Are the mistakes to amend.

To survive in the stock market,
There are much to learn.
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And soon you will know the best approach.

(I am known as Ben Gan at Facebook)