Wednesday, November 29, 2006

World’s Biggest Casino

The stock market is the world’s biggest casino
There you’ll find people of all races, young and old
Excitedly going about their buying and selling
Some have no idea of what they are actually doing

The naïve think about how much they are going to win
The professionals work out how much they can possibly lose
The former, unable to distinguish between investing and speculating
They know nothing about manipulation and rigging

Winning to many is the beginning of losing money
Boasting and laughing about your gains is really funny
Unless you know why you win, and why you should win again
Its better you go slow, lest you find yourself in pain

Speculation has a way of fattening you for the slaughterhouse
If not intelligently executed, you may reduce yourself to a church mouse
Investing in undervalued stocks is the better approach
So first of all, find yourself a good coach