Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lady Luck is Essential

Bird-fighting has been a gaming activity in our country for a long time. Some people call this a spot; others say bird-fighting is the poor men’s race course. It is easy to own a bird but not easy to identify a good bird to buy. Besides, a good bird can cost up to ten thousand ringgits. I had bought one on behalf of a friend for that amount.

There was a time when I was interested in bird-fighting. In a bird-fight, live betting is usually on. The bets are normally quite small, more for the fun rather than the money. However, in certain fights, bets can go up to a hundred thousand ringgits. Actually these bird-fights are very exciting and interesting. If legalized, bird-fighting can be turned into a tourist attraction. You need to see your bird fights to feel the adrenalin flow or the thrill.

I have a friend who is popularly known as Guaranteed To Win (GTW). He used to live-punt on these fights. Live-betting means as the fight is on, bets are on-going. If you know how to read a fight and the body language of the birds, you can more or less predict the outcome.

AT one time GTW had nine wins in a row. He felt elated and started to boast about his ability of reading a fight. “Guaranteed to win” he went about bragging his skill.

Soon after, some thing strange happened. He started to lose. Every bet he betted he lost. Even when the bird which was about to win would suddenly surrender as soon as he placed his bet on it. Eventually he lost all that he had won. Now he no longer talks about birds and has gone back to taxi-driving to earn his livelihood.

When lady luck smiles at you, everything will go smoothly. When you are in a loosing streak, your skill, for no obvious reason, becomes unskillful.

Winning is easy when lady luck is smiling at you.