Sunday, August 26, 2007

Smoking is no longer smart

I smoked because it was smart. I gave up for the same reason.

Smoking is no longer smart. All our ministers are smart. None of them smoke.

Cigarettes are slow poisonous drugs. They kill you slowly. Medical science has proved beyond doubt that smoking weakens your immune system. It is a cause of erectile dysfunction. It also adversely affects your heart, irritates your throat and eyes and causes insomnia as well.

It is not difficult to give up smoking once you realize how much pain and sufferings you will have to endure when some chronic diseases finally catches up with you because of smoking.

The moment you light up, you are actually burning cash. If your smoking habit causes you RM8 per day, you have to spend RM2,920 per year. At the interest rate of 3.1% p.a., to earn
RM2,920 per year, you need to have RM94,193! This means that the moment you give up smoking, you have got yourself a profit for that figure. Think about it.

Other than this, your health will improve, your food will taste better, your libido will be boosted and you will enjoy better relationship with your spouse. Your friends will congratulate you; your family will rejoice with you.

You don’t want your children to smoke. Right? Why encourage them by your own action? To stop smoking, change your mentality. Realize how much you can save in terms of cash and how much healthier you will be once you drop the habit. For those who wish to give up smoking, there is no better time than now. Just say, “I can and I will." Remember, smoking is no longer smart.

Be healthy, be smart, be a non-smoker.