Friday, September 21, 2007

The Tortoise beat the Hare

The Hare was boasting about his ability to jump and run when he was challenged by a tortoise to a race.

“Oh you! I can actually dance around you and still beat you with my hands down.” He said to the Tortoise.

“Keep your boastings to yourself until you have beaten me,” replied the Tortoise. And so the race was arranged.

On the agreed day and time they met for the race. As soon as the race started, the Hare shot out to the front and quickly sped off. After awhile, the Hare said to himself: “Hey! What’s the hurry? I better check where the Tortoise is.” So he slowed down to check. As soon as he slowed down, he heard a voice. “I am here, right in front of you.”

The Hare was shocked. “How can it be,” he murmured to himself. A sense of urgency came over him and he quickly raced past the Tortoise. Then he slowed down to check again. As soon as he did that, he saw the Tortoise right in front of him again. “You are slow; if you don’t speed up, you’ll lose the race.” He heard the Tortoise said.

The Hare got the shock of his life. Quickly he sped off once more. That time he really raced with all his strength and speed. At the finishing line he was panting for breath but the Tortoise was there already.

Beaten in disgrace, he hung down his head and walked away in tears.

How did the Tortoise do that? What was the strategy?

Well folks, be careful, no matter how fast or good you are, you can be beaten or played out by someone smarter than you.