Friday, February 12, 2010

A Sleeping Beauty

Ajinomoto ( Aji - Stock Code 2658 )

For the year ended 31.03.2009, Aji has a paid-up capital of RM60,798,534. The par value of its share is RM1 each. EPS is 31.19 sen and total dividend paid out is 17 sen

Aji has just announced a set of commendable result for the three months ended 31.12.2009. Its EPS at 15.67 sen compares well with the earnings of its previous corresponding period of 9.17 per share. For the 9 months ended 31.12.2009, the EPS is 36.94.

On a conservative estimate, the full year's EPS should not be less than 52.61 sen, assuming that the 4th quarter result is somewhat similar to that of the 3rd quarter. At yesterday's closing price of 3.38, the forward PE ratio is 6.4246.

This stock has a clean balance. As at 31.12.2009, it has reserve of RM141,836,000. Its total current asset is RM135,137,000 while its total current liabilities is only RM21,294,000. Cash & bank balances stand at RM50,574,000. NTA per share is RM3.33. It has zero debt.

The Ajinomoto brand needs no introduction. They are very well known and used by every household in more than 100 countries. At less than RM3.40 per share, this stock is a Sleeping Beauty.

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