Friday, June 25, 2010

Sport Betting, is it good for the country?

The World Cup is getting hotter and hotter. By now, illegal as well as legal book makers must have raked in millions of dollars. Do you know why book makers always win? They win because the odds are always in their favor whether you bet on the favorites or the underdogs.

It is human nature for punters to go after strong teams rather than weak teams. The bookies know this well enough to capitalize on it. They are able to capitalize on your emotion. When you bet on a favorite, a bigger percentage cut on the fair payment will be deducted. This does not mean that when you bet the underdog, no percentage cut is made. There will also be a percentage cut on the payment, except that, this cut is a bit smaller. As can be seen from the above, it is the lesser of the two evils if you bet the underdogs rather than the favorites. Next time you have the urge to bet a strong team, keep this in mind.

Nobody has the ability to predict the result of a match accurately. Who has the foresight to see Italy at the bottom of the table or that France have to return to France after only 3 matches or that England, in the first two matches, would perform so poorly. On the contrary, the good performance of New Zealand is also not expected. They got three draws in three games. As for the latest match of Solvakia Vs Italy, the result is also a surprise. How many have predicted that the defending champion would be returning home after the match?

Illegal bookies are doing a roaring trade raking in money by the millions. It seems that there is no way the government can curb this type of gambling. Mahathir, Rais Yatim & Rafidah have spoken in favor of legalizing sport betting. What is your view?