Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Plenitude Bonus Issue 1 for 1

As at 30.06.2010, the key statistics of Plenitude were as follows:
No. of shares issued: 135m of RM1 each
Net tangible assets: Rm 5.37 per share
Earnings per share: 62.36 sen
Current Assets: 517, 783,000 (Cash & Bank balances: 326,292,000)
Current Liabilities: 149,448,000 (Bank overdraft: 1,239,000)

The company declared a tax free dividend of 15 sen per share and a bonus issue of 1 for 1 yesterday. At the time of writing this post, the share has shot up 38 sen to $4.26. At this price the price earnings ratio is 6.831. This is undemanding and I am of the view that there is more upside for the stock. The company has developments in Penang, KL, Puchong, Johor & Sg. Petani.