Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lake Kenyir

Lake Kenyir of Trengganu covers an area of 38,000 hectares or 91,846 acres. It has 30 rivers feeding the lake, 25 waterfalls and 340 islands of which, one is as big as Singapore. It is already a tourist attraction.

The Trengganu government wishes to upgrade this tourist destination by putting up a duty-free shopping complex. It has allocated 20 hectares of land in one of the islands for this purpose.

Lake Kenyir is home to 8000 species of flowers, 2500 species of plants, 1000 species of birds, 370 species of orchids and much much more. Read more here.

EPIC is given the enviable task to build this shopping paradise. This is bullish for EPIC which is one of my picks for a profitable 2011.

To know more about EPIC, click here.

Happy investing.