Thursday, March 10, 2011

Some tips for thoughts

1) Don't buy what you don't understand.

2) Never overpay for a stock no matter what.

3) Buying at major support with strong fundamentals is generally safe.

4) Buying in a downtrend is foolish.

5) Stocks with high debts, low or negative earnings, and no dividends are
somebody's problems. Don't make them yours.

6) Averaging up is better than averaging down. Follow strength, not weakness.

7) Don't be lured into buying a stock because of great promises and some rosy pictures.

8) Times of extreme pessimism are the best times to buy.

9) When prices are moving fast, from strength to strength, pay close attention to your charts.
Sell as soon as the exaggerated uptrend line is breached even amid bullish news.

10. Everyone has the right to wait for the best opportunity. Patience is a must if you want to win.