Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quarterly Report (QR) Vs Half-Yearly Report (HR)

QR is much more desirable than HR. When an investor wants to invest, he needs the latest information. Thus the QR is more useful to him than the HR.

If the HR is to replace the QR, activities in the stock market is bound to drop. This is because investors make changes in their portfolios using, among other things, the QR, to evaluate stocks and make decisions. If changes in portfolios are made once every 6 months instead of once every 3 months, volume transacted at Bursa will drop immensely. This is bad for Bursa, broker firms, the government and the banks as well. The only people who will benefit are obviously, the insiders.

Why is it necessary to change the QR to HR? In fact a monthly report would be much better.

The plantation stocks make known their productions once every month.

Investors need the QR. It would be foolish to replace it with something less useful or informative.