Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's the Management that makes the difference

Do you know why companies have different destiny? While some are able to grow and prosper, others have failed miserably. Logic tells us that it's the management that makes the difference.

The CEO is the most important person in a company. If this person is competent and has integrity, the company is bound to grow. Competency without integrity is disastrous. You may see the money, but it does not go to you. Of what use is cash if you can't get your hands on them.

In the stock market, everything is not what it appears to be. You have to be very careful. Misleading statements, fraud accounting, manipulation, such as "pump and dump" or "short and distort" are common traits. Although the SEC is here to see law and order, it can never do enough to protect the laymen from being cheated. Take care to note the names of those CEOs in failed companies. This will go a long way to save you from getting involved with people who have no integrity. I am not saying that every CEO in failed companies is bad. But it's better to mix with people who succeed rather than those who fail.
Get close to black ink, and you will be black; get close to gems, and you will shine.

You must upgrade yourself all the time just to stay in play. Time and again, you may feel that you have become proficient only to realize later that once again you are at the wrong end of the bargain.

The world is forever changing. You need to stay focus on your job and stay well informed on what is happening locally and abroad as well.

The present flooding in Thailand, the worst in the last 50 years, is causing great havoc to the country. Malaysia needs to be careful. Obviously, climatic change is one of the factors. Malaysia should find out the causes and take preemptive steps to prevent such flooding if possible.

Fire and water have no emotion. They can really punish you when they are the masters at their fury.