Thursday, June 28, 2012

SC does a good job

Rigging, price manipulation, insider trading, accounting fraud and misleading statements are not uncommon evils in the stock market. It is the Securities Commission (SC) to unearth these activities and bring to justice the crooks who are involved. Once they are proven guilty, appropriate sentences must be meted out to fit the crime. If they are allowed to escape unscathed, investors will eventually shy away as more such crimes will occur. The result is that the Capital Market will suffer a severe blow.

Some of the companies that are involved in such crimes are:
Fountain View, Suremax Group Bhd, Actacorp, Kenmark, Granasia, Idris Hydraulic, Ekran Bhd and Aokam Perdana. 

In the case of Kenmark, its Taiwanese CEO is still at large after he gone missing in May, 2010.
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