Thursday, July 26, 2012

Should we follow smart money?

The KLCI retreated 11.18 points today. In spite of the weak market, CMSB advanced 9 sen to end the day at 2.91. Those who have been paying attention to this counter know that company-buy-back activity is the reason behind the rise. 
In today's transaction of 1,994,200 units, 939,900 were company-buy-backs.
Its prices ranged from 2.83 to 2.91 according to filings with Bursa.

Insiders know the company best. This is an indisputable fact. So, is something bullish going on in the company? Logically speaking, its looks likely. 

CMSB is a quiet stock with a strong balance sheet and good earnings. But because of its connection with someone whose image is not that good, the stock has been ignored. Will the insiders continue to push the stock higher? I don't think we have come to the end of the music yet.