Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pantech (Stock Code: 5125) Website: http://www.pantechPantech (Stock Code: 5125) Website: http://www.pantech-group.com

For the fiscal year ended 29.2.12, Pantech paid 3 times dividend totaling 3.5 sen per share. 

For fiscal year ended 28.2.13, it should pay more. This is because the company is doing very well. Its 1Q ended 31.5.12 shows earnings of 2.77 sen per share. In the corresponding period of the previous year, the EPS was 1.38 sen. This is an improvement of over 100%!

Assuming that it pays a total dividend of 5 sen per share for the current fiscal year, the dividend-yield works out to be 8%. This is based on the present price of 62.5 sen per share. 

The stock is now traded on a cum-basis of 1sen dividend, The x-date is Oct 5, 2012. If dividend is your priority, don't miss on this one.

As usual, you buy at your own risk.