Sunday, November 11, 2012

Time Is Everything

You can't do anything without time. If time and money are on your side, you will eventually win.
To make money in 12 months is much easier than to make money in 12 weeks
Here are some clichés that refer to time:

• Time will tell: This means that something will revealed or become clear over time
• In the nick of time: This means something happened just in time
• Lost track of time: This means you stopped paying attention to the time or to how long something was taking
• Lasted an eternity: This refers to something that lasts for a very long time (or that feels like it does)
• A matter of time: This refers to something that will eventually happen or eventually become clear
• A waste of time: This refers to something that was silly or not valuable to do
• Rushed for time: This means you do not have sufficient time to do something
• In a jiffy: This means something will happen soon
• The time of my life: This refers to a really great time
• At the speed of light: This means something done very quickly.

The cliches stated above are from: