Monday, January 07, 2013

Sleeping Beauties, Love Them, Hold Them

Sleeping Beauties can make you rich.
The key attributes of a sleeping beauty are as follows:
1. Strong balance sheet with much cash and little or zero borrowings
2. Ill-liquid
3. Low PER (Price Earnings Ratio)
4. High NTA (Net Tangible Asset)
5. Popularity: low
6. Future Potential: great
7. Safety: High
8. Management: Passive and cautious

If you have deep pockets, and want to play safe, the best way to riches is to invest in sleeping beauties. These beauties are hard to come by, easy to love, and safe to keep. They pay you decent dividends while you wait for them to wake up.

The big money will come in when a meager or acquisition happens. Because sleeping beauties are prime candidates for takeovers, a meager or acquisition is sure to happen some time in the future.The problem is that we do not know when. If you are not patient enough, sleeping beauties are not for you.

In my investing career, I have invested in many sleeping beauties and profited much from them.

Whether they are suitable for you or not, the best person to judge is you, yourself.