Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Hell has no fury like people scorned

Upper most, In the mind of everyone, is the GE13. Never in the history of Malaysia has the opposition a better chance than now to wrestle control of power from the ruling party. Not only the young and educated are firmly behind the opposition, the older generation and those who know how to use a computer, ipad or smartphone are in the same boat.

The wind of change has commenced. The spirit of righteousness is awaken. Like wild fire, it is spreading quickly far and wide; its intensity severe and demanding.

Ubah! ubah! ubah! Reformasi! reformasi! reformasi, these are being heard loud and clear. The people's power is in action now.

Hell has no fury like people scorned. Corruption, cronyism, crime and violence have angered the people. They are now bent on change, and change of the government is what they want.

By the May 6, 2013, we shall come to the end of the tunnel. Who's going to rule Malaysia from then? At the moment, it is still anybody's guess. The opposition appears to be the underdog, but its strength should not underestimated. It has a very good chance to surprise and surprise immensely.

What's going to happen to our stock market if PR wins? I believe that foreigners will like it because corruption will not longer be present, at least for the time being.

I would not be surprised if the market jumps some 20 points to create a new high immediately after the change of guards.

God bless Malaysia.