Monday, August 19, 2013

How To Overcome A Premature Sale

While it's difficult to buy at the bottom, it is even more difficult to sell at the top. Many people make the mistake of selling prematurely. This means that before the stock moves up to its overvalued level or even to its fair-valued level, the stock is sold. How often have you heard your friends said, " After I sold out the stock shot up." 

This mistake of premature selling is made mostly by people who have no knowledge in technical analysis (TA), and have no knowledge about the fundamental aspects of the company behind the stock as well. 

Normally they buy on a tip or on rumors.  As soon as the stock rises and rises more, they are increasingly scared to lose back their gains. So their concern then, is to protect their profits. This make them sell the stock when it dips a little even in the early stages of an uptrend. Actually, they should be buying more at that time. When you are able to overcome  this weakness of selling too early, your profits will be greatly enhanced. 

The price of a stock never moves up in a straight line. It always moves up and down, and up and down. As it moves up, you will see higher highs and higher lows. But when it's in a downtrend, you will see lower highs and lower lows. You cannot see this unless you look at the chart of the stock.

In the stock market, you will do well to remember that it is profitable to follow strength, and never to buy in a downtrend. Thus the saying, " Never Catch a Falling Dagger."

To overcome the weakness of a premature sale, you must know TA, and have a good knowledge of the stock involved, otherwise you will never be able to hold on to it as the price rises.

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