Saturday, September 28, 2013

SPACs High Risk, High Reward

Is it advisable to invest in SPACs? SPACs stands for Special-Purpose Acquisition Companies. These companies are actually shell companies with nothing to show. They don't have any track record, any brand name or any asset. 

Basically, SPACs are meant to promote private equity investments, spur corporate transformation, and encourage merger & acquisitions.

 When you invest in SPACs, it means that you are handling over your money to a team of supposed-to-be professionals who will look for good assets to buy and invest. Obviously, what is most important here is the integrity and competency of the team. 

Competency without integrity is worse than integrity without competency. I wouldn't invest in a company that is either the one or the other. The worst is, when there is neither competency or integrity. Therefore, if you are about to invest in SPACs, you must, firstly, make a study of the management team. When you are convinced that the team is skillful and honest, then and only then, you hand over the team your money. Otherwise it is better to avoid them.

One more thing, don't forget that while the team is looking for qualified assets to buy, the company has to pay the team members their salaries. This means outflow of cash without any inflow. 

In America, there are more failures than successes as far as SPACs are concerned.

Presently we have three SPACs listed in Bursa. They are Hisbicus, Cliq, and Sona. More shall be coming. 

If you are risk-adversed, SPACs are not for you. 

Whatever action you take as a result of reading this article is your absolutely responsibility.