Saturday, April 19, 2014

What Remains At Hwang-DBS After The Special Dividend

 Hwang-DBS (HDBS) is now known as Hwang Capital (HC). On Monday, 21.4.14, the stock will be traded ex-special dividend of RM2.50. Lets take a look at what remains at HC presently. 

The company has two subsidiaries, namely: 

HDM Capital Sdn Bhd & HDM Properties Sdn Bhd.

These two subsidiaries contributed to the revenue HDBS for the year ended 31.7.13, 11.1% and 28.3% respectively. Whether they contributed to profits or not, I do not know.

Cash in hand is estimated to be about RM775.8 million. 

Total number of shares issued is 255,158,900 after cancellation of 10,686,100 shares on 14.04.14. This works out to cash per share of RM3.04!!!

HC has 2 years to look for a core business from Jan 22, 2014, the date HDBS signed the SPA with Affin, to remain as a public listed company. If it fails to do this, it has to fold, and whatever remains in the company will be disposed off and distributed to the shareholders. 

The company said that it had allocated RM250 million to look for new businesses. I believe it is likely to be successful in this respect and retain its listing status.

In the meantime, HC will probably remain as a quiet stock until Management has something to announce, such as the acquiring of a new business or a reverse takeover or maybe another special dividend. 

For those who have deep pockets, the stock is a value buy at below RM2 per share. Remember its net cash position per share is RM3.04.

I do not vouch that the above figures are 100% correct. Please do your own research before taking any action.

 You always buy at your own risk.