Saturday, August 07, 2010


There is nothing to crow about at EPIC regarding its 2Q earnings ended 30.6.2010. Although revenue has improved by 28.55% to 61.623m over the corresponding period of the previous year, earnings per share improved by only a paltry margin to 8.82 sen per share.

An interim dividend of 2.5 sen tax free is declared. This compares poorly to the previous year of 3.5 sen. The reason for the drop is not known.

Just when I was mulling about the poor rate, the stock unexpectally came to life. Towards the closing stages of last Friday's stock market, demands for the stock picked up substantially. With a turnover of 10,876 lots, the stock closed at RM2.11 per share. This is a 15 sen improvement over its previous day's close of RM1.96. Obviously, sentiment is very strong and positive for this counter. To know more about EPIC, click here.

The chart above shows that EPIC is now set to move higher. Hence my call for a buy. But if you do, please remember that you do so at your own risk absolutely.