Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Smartag Potential of a Ten-Bagger

Mention any ACE counter, and you'll probably get a repulsive response. This is to be expected because most if not all, the ACE counters at Bursa have been performing poorly even before the recent downturn. Nonetheless, there is one stock in this category that has caught my fancy. It's Smartag.

The company has just successfully completed its pilot trial with the Royal Malaysian Customs. The article appended below is a must-read if you believe that RFID is the right technology of the present and the future:

Smartag Solutions and Customs completed successful pilot trial
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Security and Trade Facilitation using Radio Frequency Identification (“RFID”) deployed in Royal Malaysian Customs’ Checkpoints nationwide

Pilot commercial trial was successfully conducted from 1 June till 31 August 2011, achieve cost saving to the industry, and increase efficiency of Customs process by 9 times.

Pulau Pinang, Malaysia: 26 September 2011 – Total RFID solutions provider Smartag Solutions Berhad (“Smartag”, the “Group”, “智能电子标签解决方案有限公司”) together with Royal Malaysian Customs (Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia or “JKDM” or “Customs”) announced the successful completion of the trial run of the RFID-based Security and Trade Facilitation System at Royal Malaysian Customs Checkpoints in the country.

Speaking at a press conference during the soft launch of the Security and Trade Facilitation System (or the “System”) at the Second Air Cargo Complex Penang, Smartag announced that JKDM jointly with Smartag have successfully completed the trial run of the Security and Trade Facilitation System and have obtained positive results and feedback from the industry users.

Under the trial, the users will be able to use the RFID seal to secure their containers when entering, leaving, and moving within the country. With the usage of the System, the users will be able to automatically identify the containers’ movement electronically via the RFID seal to the RFID readers that are set up by Smartag at the various Customs checkpoints across the country.

During the trial run, participants were able to achieve 50% reduction on time taken for customs clearance, and have obtained cost savings from the usage of the system. During the trial run, JKDM is able to increase its efficiency by 9 times as compared to using the manual process. At the same time, the system deployed is able to solve “hanging” K8 forms.

According to the Chairman of the Air Freight Association of Malaysia, Mr. Walter Culas “The industry welcomes the usage of the system as we value speed, efficiency, and time. The system demonstrated its potential to increase customs clearance's efficiency, and paperless clearance and processes. The industry is fully supportive of the project, and the nationwide implementation."

“Based on our internal cost and benefit analysis has shown that the trial demonstrated that TNT will be able to have at least 50% reduction of time taken for customs clearance and all these benefits will create multiplier effect to the economy in the country", according to Mr. Dinesh K. the Regional Network Manager Asia Road Network for TNT Express Worldwide N. V.
“PEMANDU is pleased that the Security and Trade RFID Facilitation System will be used commercially at Royal Malaysia Customs checkpoints throughout the country. This is a clear indication that the ETP is being implemented, since its launch in October 2010,” said Dr. Fadhlullah Suhaimi Abdul Malek, Director Communications, Content and Infrastructure NKEA and Business Services NKEA.

This project was one of the 12 initiatives announced by YAB Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak at the fifth Economic Transformation Programme Update in April. Amongst other objectives, the implementation of the project is targeted at improving the efficiency of container clearance using paperless RFID approach, enabling automatic detection of compromised or tampered containers, and facilitating faster and more transparent trade.

About Smartag Solutions Berhad (ACE: 0169)
Smartag Solutions Berhad (Smartag) is a track and trace solution provider that utilizes Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and other wireless technologies to enable users to have visibility, transparency and security. For more information on Smartag, go to www.smartag.my
Smartag was lasted traded at 26 sen per share. At this price, the stock is an excellent bet. I have this intuitive feel that this stock has the potential to be a ten-bagger over time.

As usual, please remember, that whatever action you take, you do so at your own risk absolutely.