Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Rules New Confidence

Effective from next year, companies listed in Bursa will have to be more transparent. Because of new rules, they have to reveal more.

In their quarterly reports, they will have to give a detailed analysis of their businesses, and inform investors how the current world scenario will affect the present and future development of their companies.

More revelation means less possibility for the management to cook their books. Corruption, cheating and fraud will also be made more difficult.

If the new rules are effectively implemented, Bursa Malaysia will get a much-needed boost. This means that not only foreigners will like it but local investors will like it as well.

Transparency and integrity are essential traits for any stock exchange to flourish. Stringent rules to curb fraud and misleading statements when introduced without fear or favor will result in Bursa getting more investment, be it local or foreign.

The public love a level-playing field. Bursa will do well to ensure they have one.