Monday, December 18, 2006

Common Mistakes made in the Stock Market

Here are some common mistakes made in the stock market. I hope readers will take note and avoid them:-

Holding on to a falling stock hoping to get out even or a small gain. (In most cases, the hope becomes hopeless).

Buying in a downtrend or compounding your error by averaging down indiscreetly.

Buying penny stocks without knowing their intrinsic value

Buying on tips and rumors or tagging long with friends

Buying a share because of its name

Not knowing how to select good solid companies

Not knowing what is good advice

Not using charts and being afraid to buy stocks that are trending up

Taking profits too quickly

Speculating more than one can afford to lose

Overestimating one’s own ability (Don’t be the praying mantis thinking it can block a car)

Approaching the market wrongly.

Trying to make the maximum amount of money in the least possible time.

Not realizing that investing intelligently is the right approach.

Not learning from one’s mistakes and that of others..

Fortunes are made and fortunes are lost in the stock market. If you want to be a winner, be serious about it. Don’t go in for fun, but for the fund.

Happy investing.