Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Ride with the bulls

Ride with the bulls
Raid with the bears
Be smart, be wise
Money is everywhere

Never go against a major force. Never swim against the current. Never catch a falling dagger. And never pee against the wind if you don’t want to get wet.

In every stock market, the syndicates are there .Not one but many. Some call them the Big Boys. I like to call them Smart Money. Some of these syndicates, not only have the resources to control prices, they are powerful enough to control the news as well.

Technical analysis is to track these Big Boys. The small boys are of course no match for the Big Boys. Why go against them? You are not supposed to, and you would be stupid to do so. Actually, we should be thankful to them. They are the ones who create the waves and the storms. Without them, the market will be lethargic and no body will be there to play the market. If you are smart, you should ride with the waves and profit from their moves.

Factors, many and varied, affect share prices. Not all syndicates make money. Some lost at their own game. Syndicates often go against one another. This is a zero-sum game. One man’s win is another’s loss.

Don’t blame the syndicates if you lose money. If you can’t beat them, join them. And if you can’t join them leave them, but don’t go against them.