Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Security Is The First Priority

No place is a good place to stay if security there is a problem. If Malaysia are serious about imaging the country as a second home for foreigners or a tourist attraction, they must first and foremost tighten their security.

The recent rounding up of Mat Rempit is a good start. This operation should continue for some time to root out the undesirable activities of Mat Rempit who have become very brave indeed. They fight the police, rob citizens and create lots of violence. What's next? Rape, daylight robbery, road bullying, etc. may be on their agendas if left unchecked.

Perhaps the government should construct a special track for them to do their racing. There, they can race to their hearts" content without causing danger to other people.

Corruption is the root of many evils. Many people contribute to corruption without realizing it. Do you know that if you buy illegal lotteries, pirated goods, stolen goods or get yourself involved in illegal organized gambling, you are actually contributing to corruption?

Here in Malaysia, you can easily buy illegal lotteries. This is a sign that corruption is at a high level.

You can easily judge whether corruption is on the rise or otherwise by looking at organized crimes such as drug abuse, prostitution, illegal gambling or the like.

Once corruption is weeded out, a clean image of the country will emerge. This will be a great boost to tourism. Security will be much better and people can go about their daily chores without fear.

My vote for the next election will definitely depend on how well the present government weed out corruption.