Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Stock Market at The Top

The stock market near the top is a hive of activity
Making money is everyone’s ability
Price rises are spectacular, steady and daily
Today’s high becomes tomorrows low, normally
Everyone is talking about stock and shares
No one is losing and nobody fears the bears
Laughter and giggles are in the air
Perpetual prosperity is what people talk and share
All around, people are boasting about their gains
Not knowing when to get out, they may soon cry in pain
At the most optimistic time, the reversal suddenly comes
The turn of the tide is only aware to some
Amidst the rumblings of thunder and lighting comes the landslide
Prices gone up have started their downslide
Astute traders immediately make their exit at what is given
The naïve hold on hoping to get out even
Sadly, their hopes soon turn into a nightmare
Trapped and unable to get out of their snare
Their monies are now gone for want of a few dollars more
Hopefully, they are now not as stupid as before.