Saturday, June 22, 2013

Is TDM on fire?

Some weird market activities happened in Bursa in the closing minutes of yesterday's trading. 

BKAWAN, TDM, CBIP, HSPLANT & COSTAL were all traded limits down in heavy volume immediately the clock hit 4.50 pm. On the plus side, we have JCY, up 24 sen, and Star, up 85 sen to
90 sen and RM3.71 respectively. 

TDM was the stock I was focusing on the whole day. It opened at RM4.09 and was traded up to a high of 4.18. In view of the weakness in Wall Street, I had sold some of my TDM shares at the average price of RM4.15 in the morning session.

At 4.45 pm, I saw big volume being quoted on the buy side and sale side at RM2.90. 

Initially, I thought someone was playing the fool with the bids and offer. Then at 4.50 pm, my computer screen blinked, and wow! more than 3 million shares were being done at RM2.90 per share. I couldn't believe what I saw. So I immediately called a remiser to find out what actually happened. I was told that the stock was indeed done at RM2.90 at the close of trading. He also told me that several stocks were also having the same unusual action.

I have no idea what had actually transpired. I think the following scenarios are more impossible than possible:
1. Someone hacked someone's account
2. Stock manipulation by traders
3. A malfunction of the computer
4. Key-in error by traders
5. Liquidation by foreign fund managers
6. Some planation lands in Indonesia are on fire

Bursa should do a through investigation into these unusual market activities and make its findings public.

What can we learn from what had happened? We learned that anything is possible in the stock market. This reminds me of the quote that if you want to achieve the impossible, you have to do the ridiculous.