Thursday, June 13, 2013

Smartag A Big Disappointment

Smartag is a big disappointment. Quarter after quarter, the company reported negative earnings. Investors of this stock are now cursing and wondering what is happening to the company. Last year, the company said that it had successfully tested its technology at Customs, and yet until today, the company is still running at a loss. 
The chart shows that the stock was traded to a low of 8.5 sen on April 30, May 2 & 3 this year before it was traded to a high of 20 sen on May 22. The stock then drifted down. It was well supported at 15.5 sen. 
On June 7, the stock opened at 14.5 sen, half a sen lower than the previous day's close. It was quickly pushed up to a high of 18.5 sen, and then heavy liquidation of the stock hammered unabated the stock down to 12.5 sen before closing off the day's low at 13 sen. To me, the stock was being manipulated and insiders are trading. What surprised me was that Bursa didn't queried the company of the unusual market activity on that day. 
The stock is now last traded at 10.5 sen with many red candles at its trail. If you wish to dabble in this stock, watch closely, the show is not over yet. Wait until you see a bullish signal before you buy.