Thursday, February 27, 2014

One Hundred and Eighteen Percent In Less Than 2 Weeks

" Western Lithium is pursuing the opportunity to be a supplier of specialty drilling additive, HECTATONE™ and potentially other organoclays for the oil and gas industry, and in particular, to support the growth of high pressure high temperature, deep directional drilling applications. The Company is also developing its Kings Valley, Nevada lithium deposit into a strategic, scalable and reliable source of high quality lithium carbonate. The Company is positioning itself as a major U.S.-based supplier to support the rising global demand for lithium carbonate that is expected from the increased use of hybrid/plug-in and electric vehicles."
Western Lithium (WLC.TO) was highlighted in my blog on 14.2.14. The stock had shot up 118% in less than 2 weeks!!! I had bought 30,000 shares at C$0.33 per share. When trading closed early this morning at the TSE, the share closed at C$0.72. Let the good time continue.