Friday, February 14, 2014

Western Lithium A Potential 10-bagger

Western Lithium (WLC.TO) is a potential 10-bagger. This means it has the potential to move up 1000% in the next 5 to 10 years. 

The above chart shows that the stock has completed a round bottom. It is now poised to go higher. In the last trading session, the stock jumped 9.52% It closed at C$0.345 in the Toronto Stock Exchange. 

The company is in the business of producing Organoclay and Lithium. Organoclay is an important drilling additive in the oil and gas industry. Lithium is for the purpose of producing lithium-ion batteries. 

The importance of the oil and gas sector needs no introduction. As for electric vehicles, they are becoming increasingly popular as more and more countries are concerned about environmental protection and the need to lessen carbon dioxide.

If you are a high-risk-high-reward investor, and wish to be adventurous, WLC is definitely a stock you should look into. I bought 30,000 shares a day ago at C$0.33 per share.

For a comprehensive understanding of the stock, click here. 

The stock is also listed in America in the OTC counter. 

As usual, you buy at your own risk.