Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Bullshit may propel you to the top, but it will not keep you up there

There was a wild cock that was trying to fly up to a high branch of a tree. It tried and tried, but it was not successful. 

A bull nearby saw what the cock was trying to so. 
The bull said to the cock, "hi! cock, since you do not have enough energy to fly high, I suggest you take some of my shit. My shit is full of energy. It is sure to help you to fly high." 

The cock agreed to the proposal, where upon, the bull pooped out some shit on the ground which the Cock devoured. After eating the shit, the cock felt itself steaming with energy. With one leap and flipping its wings, it flied to the highest branch of the tree. It was very proud of its achievement and gave out a loud crow. 

The crowing attracted a hunter who was nearby. The hunter quickly took aim of the cock. With one shot, he was right on target. He shot the cock down. 

Next time, when you are about to bullshit, remember this: bullshit may propel you to the top, but it will not keep you up there.