Wednesday, August 06, 2014

SEAL it with a kiss

Seal Incorporated Berhad (SEAL) is Malaysia-based companies engaged in property investment, building contractors, project managers for property development, trading of goods and extraction and sale of timber.

Financial quarter ended 31.03.14 shows a huge improvement over the preceding quarter and the corresponding quarter of the previous year. EPS of 24.84 sen for the quarter is unprecedented. Some key statistics of the company are as follows:

Paid-up capital: RM88.56m
Par value: 40 sen
Current assets: RM295.66m
Current Liabilities: RM88.16
Current ratio: 3.35
Borrowings: RM1.101m
Cash in hand and in banks: RM113.63m (This amount is part of the current assets)
NTA: RM1.16 per share

From the above figures, it is easily seen that the company is cash-flushed and solvent. 

The management expects continued improvement in the group's  performance in the remaining quarter. 

At the last traded price of RM1.37, I rate this stock a buy. 

The above chart shows that the stock is in correction mode. For those who have idle money, they can buy now. For short-term players, they should wait until the chat turns positive,

As usual, YOU BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please do not make any comments. I don't read them.