Monday, March 22, 2010

Are your stocks safe?

At the Malaysian Investor website, we can email to the SIDC (Securities Industry Development Corporation) to ask a question. Some time ago I did that. I asked them whether my portfolio in my CDS a/c were safe or not should the broker firm that was not a public listed Company (PLC) went into bankruptcy. They have not given me a reply. This is really disappointing. They encourage us to write to them. But they don't bother to reply.
Once I had an account with a broker firm that went bust. That was many many years ago. My stocks in my CDS account with that broker firm that was a PLC were not affected.
My question is: Is there a difference between a broker firm that is a PLC and one that is not a PLC as far as securities rules and regulations are concerned? In dealing with the latter, are we adequately protected? I believe many people would like to be 100% sure regarding this.
All comments are welcome.