Thursday, March 04, 2010

Be Smart Don't Smoke

Beyond dispute, smoking is bad for your health. Smoking is open burning. It contributes much to global warming.
There was a time when smoking was considered and generally accepted as smart. This type of mentality has changed. Smoking is no longer smart. Look at the ministers of our country. Which one of them smoke? None, right? Smart people don't smoke now.
So, why don't you stop smoking? "I tried, but I couldn't stop the habit," is the normal answer. What nonsense! There is no way one can give up drinking water. But to give up smoking is really not that difficult. I was a smoker; many of my friends were smokers. We have all given up. So why not you?
Cigarettes are expensive these days. Assuming that you spend RM10 for smoking each day. That means you have to spend RM3650 in a year. Do you know that to get RM3650 a year as interest from the bank, you need to deposit with the bank RM182,500!! (Banks pay 2% interest per year)
So it goes to reason that the moment you stop smoking, you have gotten yourself a winning tottery ticket of Rm182,500! Doesn't this mean anything to you?

Once you stop smoking, your food will taste better, your drinks will taste sweeter, your health will improve, and you will have a better sex life. So be smart, be healthy, be a non-smoker. I was a smoker; I gave up for the same reason.
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