Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Control Your Emotion or Others will Control You

When you buy a stock,
Hope is high that you will make a lot.
But things are normally not that rosy.
The moment you buy, things become messy.

The price drops and drops and drops.
You become frustrated, 'cos your attempt flops.
Your hope of a profit vanishes.
Already set in are much damages.

You hope and pray for a rebound.
One day it comes and things seem to turn around.
Just when the going looks good,
The price stops moving and just stood.

Moments later, the price starts to retreat.
Nothing is left to benefit.
Your hope has turned forlorn.
Your hope remains unborn.

Next time it moves up, I will sell, you say.
But for long, the price has gone astray.
At the darkest hour, comes the dawn.
Despair is now a conclusion, forgone.

As the price turns around,
Your chance to sell at a small gain is abound
Soon the price hits your target.
You sell with joy and without regret.

But your joy soon turns to frustration,
'Cos you sell at a bullish occasion.
If you have held on to your gains,
You would have much much more to gain.