Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ideainfo – Xc (The inner voice)

The bears at YTLE were no match for the bulls. It was really against my expectation. Well, there can never be certainty at chart reading, only odds. The stock is now in uncharted new- high ground. Only god knows how high it will go.

The KLCI put on 16.13c to close at 1,278.24. The volume traded at 4.7026 billion shares is the highest in the history of the Malaysian Stock Exchange. Perhaps, now is the time to ask “What’s a good thing to sell instead of only asking what a good thing to buy is.”

In the Mesdaq counters, Symphny & YTLE were among the star performers. There are others that are just coming into the picture.

I like FSBM, ASIAEP & SRIDGE for some short –term profit.

The opinion expressed above is my own and is not a recommendation to buy or sell.