Thursday, February 15, 2007

Market Commentary

YTLE has fantastic volume of 105,673,200 shares traded. After an intraday high of 81c and a low of 59c, it closed at 65c for a gain of 8c. A long white candle with a long upper shadow has appeared. This is an inverted hangman occurring at high level; it is a bearish sign. It is calling you to sell.

Totomaster was probably right when he said that RUB was the most undervalued stock. His blog at has good reading material. You should visit it.

As at 30.6.06, RUB has deposit, cash and bank balances of 593m. Its paid-up capital is only 294.5m. The company has good current earnings as well as good potential for growth. The present share price certainly does not reflect its true worth. One thing that puzzles me is that the company has not declared any dividend since its listing.

To those who have the patience, they will surely be rewarded eventually.

IOIPROP moved up 20c to close at 9.80. It will move up higher.

VADS’ 4Q result of 18.36c per share is commendable. Its annual EPS of 52.92c shows good earnings growth of 84.13%. Last year, its EPS was only 28.74. At the last closing price of 6.75, there is plenty of value for money. It has declared and paid an interim dividend of 10cTE. A final dividend of 15c tax free will be paid. This stock is good for the long term.

The KLCI is going from strength to strength. How high will it go? Who knows?

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