Thursday, February 15, 2007

Market Commentary

The Mesdaq index gapped up 4.29 points to close at 136.78 with improved volume. It’s the time to look at Mesdaq counters, now.

STEMLIFE, YTLE, & ASIAEP are some stocks on the move. Kenanga Research has a strong-buy call on ASIAEP with a 12- month target price of 99c. It says that ASIAEP is a homegrown Google and Baidu in the making. Visit, and you will have a better understanding. The market capitalization of Google and Baidu stands at US$149b & US$4b respectively.

In the last 10 trading days, ASIAEP has moved up from a low of 30.5c to close at 50.5c yesterday with good volume. Ride with the wave if you wish to make some New Year angpows but do so at your own risk.

Nextnation is a great disappointment. In a screen of green, it’s the only red spot. What a shame! While others were heading north, this one was heading southwest. I hope Tey Poh Yee, the CEO of Nextnation, will bring some life to it soon.

RUBHD & IOI Property did pretty well. They should move up further.

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