Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Ant and the Chrysalis

An ant while searching for food came across a Chrysalis. The Chrysalis was at its stage of transformation. The ant, being a boastful one, looked at the Chrysalis and cried contemptuously, “What sad fate; what a pitiable sight! While I can move and run about at my pleasure, and ascend to the top of the tallest tree, you lie imprisoned in your shell with power only to wriggle.”

The Chrysalis heard the Ant but said nothing. A few days later, the ant came back. He saw only the shell of the Chrysalis. He was wondering what had happened when he felt himself shaded and fanned by the wings of a butterfly. Then he heard the Butterfly said: “Behold in me, your much-pitied friend! Get me to listen to your boastings regarding your power to run and climb, if only you can come close to me.” So saying, the Butterfly flitted away and was soon aloft the morning breeze in the sun, leaving the Ant bewildered.

Never despise others. Appearances are deceptive.

Many that are down shall be restored and many that are now in honor may not remain so. At least two sleepy and normally quiet stocks showed some life yesterday. Fima Corp has been in a downtrend since its high of 2.74 in November 2006. It hit a low of 2.08 in May 07. Last Friday, the stock closed at 2.25 with some volume. The stock is 59.82% owned by Fima Metal Box Holdings Sdn Bhd as at 16.6.2006. Yesterday’s glimmer of hope could be an indication of better things to come for Fima Corp. Keep this in view.

The other stock is VADS which closed at 7 with some volume. The correction for this counter appears to be over. OSK said that the stock was worth RM9 plus per share some time ago.