Thursday, July 26, 2007

English is interesting, flexible, funny and crazy

We have nose that runs and feet that smell. 

Boxing rings are square. 

Quicksand takes you down slowly. 

There is neither pine nor apple in pineapples.

French fried potatoes are not from France

A French kiss is a play of the tongues. 

You can have a Dutch wife as your sleeping partner without incurring the wrath of your wife. 

While it’s normal for you to go Dutch when you take your lunch with your friends, you can’t take French leave without facing the sack.

A ladybird is not a bird but a beetle with short legs and is usually brightly colored.

A secretary bird is a large bird of prey. It feeds largely on reptiles and is an expert in catching snakes.

When  stars are out, they are visible. When lights are out, they cannot be seen.

You can burn down a house by burning it up.

A vegetarian is one who eats vegetables. So, what does a humanitarian eat?

While you can cool your body with a cold bath, you can actually hot up the night with some cold beer.

A stop-loss is to limit your loss; a trailing stop-loss is to lock in your gains.

An inside tip is actually an outside chance to riches.

A bear lumbers; a bull charges, a stag bounds, a pig trots, a peacock struts, a rabbit leaps, a mouse scampers, a cat steals and a bird flies.

The stock market has the most talent. It can break out, gap up, crawl, climb, jump, fly, hit the top and burst through the roof. It can make you feel sad, frustrated, disappointed and sorry. It can also give you joy, glory, happiness and wealth.

English has eight parts of speech. Adjective is one of them. If you have trouble using a series of adjectives to say more about a noun, remember this word, “OPSHACOM” which stands for Opinion, Shape, Age, Color, Origin and Material. Thus we say: It is a lovely round new reddish Malaysian wooden table.

In English, we can use the present tense or present continuous tense to talk about the future. Hence, it is grammatically correct to say:

The bus leaves for KL tomorrow at 9 in the morning.

I am having a party tonight.

Remember, English is flexible. When I wind my grandfather’s clock, it starts to work. But when I wind up this article, I have come to the end of it.

Thank you for reading.