Sunday, July 08, 2007


In life, fear is unavoidable. We fear poverty, failure, illness, disease, sufferings, pains, natural calamites, war, loss of love, old age and death. The list is endless.

Fear leads to worries. Worries lead to miseries. Miseries lead to loss of sleep, loss of appetite and eventually to illness.

Medical science agrees that worries and anxieties aggravate high-blood pressures, diabetes, ulcers and many other chronic diseases.

Fear of poverty is the worst kind of fear. Man is by nature, avaricious. And because of his insatiable greed for riches, man finds satisfaction in preying upon man, not to eat his fresh and blood, but to rob him of this wealth. Thus man also creates fear for man. People can cause you trouble but if you know how to guard yourself, others cannot create worries in your mind.

Each type of fear needs a different approach to subjugate it. For example, if you fear illness, you must adopt a healthy lifestyle; do your exercise regularly and also control your diet. If you don’t want others to take advantage of you, you need to upgrade your skill and enhance your knowledge.

Fortunately man is endowed with the faculty of thought which is controllable. Every human being has the ability to control his own mind. By intelligence, we can mitigate fear. Negative thought creates fear and demoralization. Positive thought brings forth hopes and ideals. By refusing to think negatively, much fear if not all, is eliminated.

A newborn calf has no fear for a tiger because the calf does not know that the tiger can eat him up for lunch. A hunter with his men and guns has no fear for the tiger because he knows that he can kill the tiger before the tiger can cause him any harm.

A professional trader or investor has no fear in the stock market because he knows that he is skilful enough to win. A beginner in the stock market has no fear because he is as naïve as the calf.

Know who you are before you attempt to ‘play’ the market.

Lately, another kind of fear has emerged in the stock market. This is accounting fraud or accounting irregularities. How can anyone protect himself against such fear? (All comments and opinions are welcome.)